International brokerage

Here at ICE Finance we take great pride in having the relevant expertise in broking mortgages for international clients with the French banks.

No matter where you live and work in the world we can obtain finance for you to buy your dream property.

We are currently the leading French mortgage broker for overseas-based clients, and we intend to maintain this accolade. Our team of multi-lingual finance experts are truly specialised in dealing with the complex French mortgage process and the different mortgage options available to non-residents.

International brokerage - ICE Finance
International Brokerage

At ICE Finance we work with all of the major lending institutions to ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest offerings, the most attractive interest rates and the current underwriting lending criteria.

We have spent many years developing our unique relationships with certain key French banks that lend to non-resident clients. Thanks to our privileged relationships with the French banks we have unique access to discounted interest rates and to a speedy fast-track application process that our clients will undoubtedly not find elsewhere.


It is all about us saving you time and money !

For our international clients we are pleased to inform you that we have created a very informative and detailed website that covers many different parts of the mortgage process, and it is all in English as well : go check it out over at

If you wish to take the initial mortgage process a step further, you can submit an online form to us and we will check to see if you are potentially eligible for a mortgage from a French bank: the online form is here

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact us either by email or by telephone.

Let us help you in making your dream of owning a property in France come true !

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